Supporting Oregon Wildfire Emergency Relief

LCO, September 2020

Every summer, wildfires threaten the west coast of the United States. This summer, severe thunderstorms, strong, gusty winds and hot, dry terrains resulted in a series of record-breaking megafires that swept across California, Oregon, and Washington.

In early September, the Archie Creek wildfire broke out 12 miles east of Idleyld Park in Douglas County, Oregon. By September 18, the wildfire had burned through more than 130,000 acres and destroyed 110 homes. Approximately 1,100 firefighters and other personnel are battling along the fire’s edge to contain the wildfire and prevent it from spreading to buildings.

Residents, pets, and livestock were left homeless or displaced by the wildfire. Local agencies and charitable organizations rallied to support those affected. The Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg has been mobilized as a Red Cross evacuation site. A temporary emergency shelter was set up for displaced residents. In addition, hundreds of people are temporarily accommodated in hotel rooms.

The Salvation Army coordinated with the Red Cross to deliver 3 meals per day to the displaced residents who lost their homes to the wildfire. Approximately 500-600 meals are needed every day so that fresh meals could be delivered twice daily to each family’s hotel room.

With full zest and zeal, Lighthouse Center Oregon (LCO) stepped forward to assist in this effort. We are using the facilities at the Lighthouse Center Bakery to prepare fresh, homemade food on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Our first delivery went out on Monday September 21 with 200 lunches of pasta in a tomato cream sauce with veggies, and fresh sliced bread with butter. We also delivered monkey bars for dessert. For the second day, we prepared and delivered black bean soup with rice and cheese, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. The menu for the third day consisted of lentil stew with fresh bread and chocolate chip cookie bars for dessert.

The Salvation Army has been great to work with. Taking on a full meal was the most practical approach and helped them a lot in terms of simplifying coordination efforts. After the first delivery, we spoke with the Salvation Army to check how things went. They said the deliveries went well and the displaced residents at the hotel were excited and grateful to receive the lunches.

LCO has committed to this charitable project for at least 2 weeks. Once again, LCO volunteers are buzzing in the hive of activity to serve our community.