Oregon Wildfire Emergency Relief continues

LCO, September 2020

On learning about families who lost their homes to the the recent Archie Creek wildfire in Oregon, Lighthouse Center Oregon (LCO) rallied to work with the Salvation Army to support the displaced families. We shared that story in our post Supporting Oregon Wildfire Emergency Relief.

LCO volunteers used the facilities at Lighthouse Center Bakery to prepare fresh, wholesome, homemade meals three times a week, starting from September 21, 2020. The meals were then delivered to the Salvation Army for distribution to those in need. Each delivery served 200 people lunch and dessert.

From September 21, 2020, LCO prepared fresh homemade food for Oregon Wildfire Emergency Relief

people served



By September 30, 2020 the Archie Creek wildfire had been brought to 73% containment as firefighters continue to protect homes and other buildings along the perimeter. With the risk downgraded, some fire evacuees have been able to return to their homes.

LCO will continue to support the families who were made homeless by the wildfire. LCO vounteers will prepare lunches and desserts for 115 people for two days a week. We will continue to do this for the next month, or as long as required.  

It has been amazing to be a part of this charitable relief effort. The letter below from the Salvation Army captures the spirit that LCO volunteers are feeling as we work together to support the community!