Extending LCO Covid-19 charity network

LCO, May 2020

Lighthouse Center Oregon (LCO) started its Covid-19 Charity Project by helping two food pantries and one soup kitchen in Roseburg. We shared that exciting journey in our post Donating to food pantries during Covid-19.

LCO didn’t stop there. Inspired by the community charity network that is working tirelessly to serve those in need during this pandemic, LCO reached out to offer support to other charities. In doing so, the number of soup kitchens and food pantries that LCO is helping has increased to eight places in Roseburg and Sutherlin.

LCO volunteers are continuing to use the Lighthouse Center Bakery kitchen to make freshly baked bread, frozen wholesome homemade soups, and individually wrapped desserts, and donating these to Casa De Belen, United Community Action Network, St. Joseph Community Kitchen, Roseburg Fish Food Pantry, Roseburg Dream Center, Roseburg Rescue Mission, Sutherlin Emergency Food Pantry, and the Outpost Mobile Food Center.

While the pandemic continues to make its presence felt, it is showing us firsthand how much the community needs help. After these charities began distributing our donated food items to those in need, the response from the community has been really heartfelt and touching.

The Lighthouse Center Bakery has been getting phone calls from people who have received our donated food items from these food pantries. One lady left a message on the answering machine saying, “I had the privilege of getting some of your bread and lentil stew from the Fish Food Pantry. The lentil stew is superb, and I just love your bread. I want to thank you all for being so responsible and caring to the community.” As she started to cry, she continued, “I hope you are getting many thank-yous. Blessings to you all. Thank you!”

Another lady called to say that she got her first loaf of bread through the food bank, and it’s absolutely the best bread she has ever had. She said, “When you open your doors, I’ll be ready to be there.”

In these unprecedented difficult times, we are seeing how essential it is to serve those in need.