Appreciating Mercy Medical Center’s staff during Covid-19

LCO, April 2020

Lighthouse Center Oregon (LCO) contacted the Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, Oregon, to offer support for their frontline medical staff who have been working hard during the Coivd-19 pandemic. Mercy Medical told us that they were planning a staff appreciation event on Thursday, April 16.

LCO volunteers decided to participate by donating homemade baked desserts. “We had been thinking a lot about all of the people working at the hospital and really wanted to show our appreciation and gratitude to them,” said Michael Tortorice, manager of Lighthouse Center Oregon.

With that said, we began planning what desserts to make. We decided to bake carrot cake, chocolate chip monkey bars, heart almond cookies, almond danishes, and apple turnovers.

We found out about the event at the last minute, so we only had one day to prepare! All of the bakers got together and started going to work on preparing desserts for 400 people. The dry parts for the cookies and cakes got made, homemade apple filling for the turnovers was cooked, and cream cheese frosting for the carrot cake was prepared. Almond cookie dough was made and shaped into hearts. Puff pastry was formed, stuffed with the apple filling, and baked. By the end of the day, we had everything ready packed for delivery to the hospital!

For the Mercy Medical appreciation event, we baked & donated


We served carrot cake, chocolate chip monkey bars, heart almond cookies, almond danishes, and apple turnovers

APRIL, 2020

Due to the social distancing guidelines, the event was held in the open air, under the Oregon sun. When our delivery crew arrived with the trays of freshly baked desserts, the Mercy Medical staff kindly spread them out in the shade under a huge umbrella. On the table, they placed our poster appreciating the staff for their caring and selfless services.

One by one, the Mercy Medical staff came to take their lunch and dessert. As they did so, they stopped to read the poster that was put up. It was lovely to have the opportunity express our gratitude for all that they do. Mercy Medical staff were very appreciative of the donated desserts. We’re happy to have sweetened their day!