Gift bags for Rose Haven residents

LCO, June 2022

Volunteers in the Portland, Oregon worked with Lighthouse Center Oregon (LCO) to prepare gift bags for Rose Haven, a day and community center for homeless women and children. Forty gift bags were prepared and each gift bag contained 17 items including a handmade card, monkey bar homemade by LCO volunteers, wholesome snacks, toiletry kit in a waterproof clear zipper bag, emergency rain poncho,  flashlight, night time reflector band, first aid items, and pocket notebooks.

One of the volunteers reserved the community room at their apartment complex for this project. This came in handy, allowing the team to escape the rain and stay warm and dry for the project. Time passed quickly and the team of volunteers enjoyed each other’s company as they filled the gift bags with the carefully chosen items. The bags were delivered to Rose Haven the same day. This turned out to be the perfect project for a rainy day!