Donating plants to school garden project

LCO, April 2021

Earlier in the year, the gardening crew who volunteer at Lighthouse Center Oregon (LCO) propagated many vegetable and flower starts. When the seedlings started to grow, it became apparent that there were too many for LCO to use. The gardening crew decided to put the excess to good use by donating some plants to the Phoenix School in Roseburg, Oregon.

Phoenix School is a non-profit youth development organization founded in 1981 by a group of concerned educators. The school aims to provide students a safe and engaging environment to learn and grow. The Pheonix Charter School Garden program teaches students about farming practices and how to grow food and maintain a garden. The food they grow is used in their cafetaria to prepare meals for the students.

The LCO gardening crew cared for the plant starts until they were mature enough to be transported without damage. Then they were carefully loaded into the pickup truck and brought to the carpark at Lighthouse Center Bakery. Pheonix School met the LCO volunteers there to pick up the donated plants. 

In total, LCO donated 5 hibiscus, 7 rudbeckia, 5 hollyhock, 20 columbine, 6 crocosmia, 15 sedum, 25 pansy, 6 wildflower, 14 Delicata squash, 26 chinese cabbage, and 48 parsley plants. Pheonix School was very excited and thankful to have these additions to their garden. The Pheonix Charter School Garden program will teach the students to prepare the soil and plant the donated starts in their school garden. LCO volunteers plan to follow up with Phoenix School to see how everything is going.